O U R   C I C C H E T T I 


Baked & raw scallop

€ 5

Amberjack tartare

€ 5

Artichoke with creamed cod

€ 5

Salmon marinated in sweet and sour sauce

€ 5

Three Sicilian red prawns with citrus gelè

€ 7

Two raw scampi

€ 7

One Oyster

 € 7

Egg with sweet potato cream

€ 8

Octopus with mixed salad with Greek yoghurt

€ 8

Clams in Prosecco Docg with garlic and parsley

€ 10

Tasting of cooked and raw Cicchetti 

€ 30


F I R S T   D I S H E S 


Spaghetti with chilli pepper
garlic and oil and black cuttlefish

€ 22

Tagliatelle with scallops
and turnip tops

€ 18


Risotto with saffron and licorice powder

(at least two people)

€ 18 per person

Tagliolini with mallard sauce
with orange

€ 16

Ricotta stuffed ravioli with tomato sauce,

basil and parmesan flakes

€ 15

smoked spaghetti,

Clams, cherry tomatoes and oregano

€ 20


S E C O N D   C O U R S E  S


Milanese veal cutlet with french fries

 € 18

Venetian liver

€ 18

Beef Tartare with Truffle on toasted bread,

Cruditè and truffle mayonnaise

€ 20

Mixed fried fish and vegetables

 € 22

Fish steak of the day from the Rialto market

with mashed sweet potatoes and seasonal vegetables

€ 23


S I D E   D I S H E S 

French fries

€ 5

Mixed grilled and steamed vegetables

€ 10

Mixed salad

€ 5

H A M B U R G E R 
S E R V E D   W I T H   C H I P S 


Beef burger from Vicenza

with caramelized onion, tomato, lettuce and cheese

€ 15


Octopus burger, lettuce, olives, tomato

and soy mayonnaise

€ 15


C L U B   S A N D W I C H E S

S E R V E D   W I T H   C H I P S 


Classic Club Sandwich

with tomato, lettuce, cheese, bacon and egg

 € 14


Chicken Club Sandwich

with chicken, tomato, cheese, lettuce, olives


Club Sandwich Vegetables

with cheese and grilled vegetables



I S T A N T   B O O K I N G 


Dear customer, to help us, we kindly ask you to inform the staff in case of allergies. We will be happy to suggest you an appropriate menu.