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Buon Appetito


Veal carpaccio with tartar sauce, lemon zest, caper flowers and wakame seaweed
€ 19

Raw fish (scampi, oysters, red prawns, prawns, red tuna tartare)
€ 30

Beef tartare ‘Damini’ with Roccaverano robiola, black truffle, toasted hazelnuts and drops of basil pesto
€ 22

Gazpacho, buffalo mozzarella from Campania and croutons with oregano
€ 20

Pickled egg with beetroot carpaccio, Greek yogurt and herbs
€ 18

Artichoke bottoms stuffed with creamed cod with crispy polenta wafers
€ 18

Red tuna tartare, guacamole and avocado
€ 22

Homemade First course

Raviolo with tomato, confit tomato, tomato water, basil oil
€ 24

Smoked spaghetti ‘Verrigni’ with black summer truffle and Damini beef tartare
€ 24

Risotto with Gò (Goby fish) (min 2 gens\people)
€ 28
par personne\per person

Tagliolini with spider crab cooked in the Venetian style
€ 28

Linguine with lemon ‘Verrigni’ with clams and parsley
€ 22

Squid ink tagliolini with yellow cherry tomato jam and cuttlefish carpaccio with lemon
€ 22

Second course

Marinated and smoked Damini beef carpaccio with house pickled vegetables and frisè herbs

Mackerel in cooking oil with the imaginative salad of Casa Cappellari
€ 25

‘Damini’ beef fillet with cherries, sweet and sour Belgian endive and bleached purple onion
€ 38

Catch of the day with salmoriglio sauce, artichoke base and crudité of zucchini marinated with mint
€ 28

Mixed fried fish from the lagoon, squid, scampi and vegetables
€ 27

Sea bass in salt with seasonal side dish
€ 50 \ Kg

Grilled lamb chops with aubergine roasted in garlic, parsley and tomato
€ 34

Rib of beef ‘Damini’ with maturation of 60 days
€ 70 \ Kg


French fries
€ 5

Vegetable garden on your plate
€ 10