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Buon Appetito


warm chicken and chantarelles with the house’s autumn pickled vegetables on green sauce

€ 16

Red tuna tataki with watermelon, herbs, mixed seed and soya maionese
€ 18

Fried eggs with spinach, Jerusalem artichoke and blanck summer truffle ice cream
€ 16

Great raw fisc
€ 25

Creamed cod, porcini mushrooms, amaretto and pumpking
€ 16

Granseola in its stelle with maionaise
€ 22

Homemade First course

Tagliatelle with octopus, lemon oil, olives, potatoes and green beans
€ 16

Ravioli stuffed with caramelized onion and mackerel with shellfish end chanterelles
€ 20

Eggplant parmigiana with black truffle and caciocavallo cheese
€ 16

Tagliolini with garlic, oil and chilli pepper with cuttlefish in black sauce
€ 18

Pasta stuffed with raw red shrimp and pea cream
€ 18

Half paccheri pasta with basil pesto walnuts, toasted pine nuts and beef tartare
€ 17

Second course

Milanese-style veal cutlet with herbs and fries
€ 18

Mixed fried fish with scampi and fried vegetables
€ 26

Sliced beef with with fried artichoke, mixed salad and topinambur
€ 22

Mullet with confit in red seaguazzetto
€ 24

Grill ed seppia with potato ed cream ant autunno garden
€ 22

Beef tartare with truffle, burrata cheese and crudite
€ 22

Damini rib maturation 60 days with side dish
€ 60 al Kg


French fries
€ 5

Vegetable garden on your plate
€ 8