Dear Guest, to help We kindly ask you to inform the staff
in case of intollerance and/or allergies.
We will be happy to suggest ad appropriate menu.

Buon Appetito


Variety of vegetables, spider crab and steamed lobster with sea urchin zabaglione

Great raw fish

Marinated beef carpaccio with liver pâté, marinated apple and chive oil

Canavera-style Paduan chicken salad in saor

Poached mountain eggs with our truffle cream and prized black truffle

Homemade First course

“Verrigni” smoked spaghetti with cheese, pepper and oysters

Deconstructed wholemeal lasagna with canopies ragout and lemon thyme béchamel

Black truffle risotto (min 2 people)
Per person

Beef stew ravioli, porcini mushrooms and Japanese consomé

Orange gnocchi with duck ragout with pine nuts and Cointreau raisins

Second course

Pan-fried turbot with Castelluccio lentils, cooked and raw baby spinach and crunchy cips

Soy lacquered grilled eel, bay leaf reduction and ginger rice cream

Boiled meat, broth, horseradish, pickled vegetables and mustards

Mallard with port, pumpkin cream and artichokes alla giudia

Beetroot in kataifi paste with béarnaise sauce, honey sweet potato and grilled parsnips

Mixed fried fish from the lagoon, squid, scampi and vegetables


French fries

Baked potatoes

Mixed salad

The vegetable garden on the plate